Yes, they are on their way! + updates

Posted: Thursday, July 12, 2012 - 12:00pm

A group of "slightly crazy" Walkers are journeying from White Cliffs to Lightning Ridge. It's a 31 days trek - 686 kilometres - they'll have time enough thinking about the  hardships of those early miners 100 years ago.

Opal Centre WalkThey're also walking to raise money for the Australian Opal Centre.  Donations are welcome - go to and click on The Walk

This photo was taken on the first day, Saturday 23rd June. From left to right: Rod Cook - Shovel - Irmhild Bakker - Barbara Gasch - Gunnel Hecht - Doug Brook - Juergen Hecht - Sue Dowton


Our "slightly crazy" but very happy Walkers on their way from White Cliffs to Lightning Ridge reached BOURKE, about halfway!
Photo right: back row: Sue Dowton; Rod Cook; Juergen Hecht front row: Ron Dowton; Gunnel Hecht; Doug Brook



The Walk is well underway!

So far our "slightly crazy" but still happy Walkers walked from White Cliffs to Tilpa, Louth, Bourke, Brewarrina and almost reached Walgett!

They will be then on the last part of their epic journey to their final destination Lightning Ridge just in time for the Lightning Ridge Opal Festival, which starts on the 26.of July. They will have walked a million steps, 686 kilometres with the aim to raise funds for the building of the Australian Opal Centre.

Donations are welcome - go to: and click The Walk.