National Parks 2014 Campaign

Posted: Monday, March 24, 2014 - 1:09pm

National Parks will be embarking on a 2014 Campaign promoting our National Parks in the Outback and Rivers regions.

For this region that includes, but not limited too:  Sturt, Mutawintji, Paroo-Darling, Kinchega, Mungo, Gundabooka and Toorale …. Via our digital and social mediums in the first instance.  

The cooperation with four Commercial Tour Operators licensed for on-park activities have also provided great opportunities for visitors to obtain offers from the same.

This is due to commence in April – mid to late, however, we did score a ‘cross-over’ to Mungo on the Today Show’s weather report last Friday as a pre-runner to the campaign. 

Its more great news from your National Parks & Wildlife Service – Outback region.

Secondly, a further campaign in cooperation with Inland NSW and Destination NSW will further ‘drive’ visitation to our areas.  The finer details are being compiled as we speak, and will include social and digital mediums, TV, print and it is expected to include Journalists visits.

This is all good news for OUTBACK AND RIVERS as a cooperative with other partnerships.

Cheers all.

Regards   .... dinitee


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