Posted: Monday, April 13, 2015 - 5:28pm

The usual group gathered at Reconciliation Park on Sunday 29th March to give the somewhat neglected area a bit of attention.

Our youngest participant was Harrison Cain, who thought the street should not just be litter free but gravel free as well, while a couple of our well known senior citizens were true to form and used a fire stick to get rid of large piles of sticks and leaves.

By midday the length of Ross Street had been picked free of litter, the park was litter free, trip hazards around the tables removed, trees pruned, grass mowed and trimmed and a leaky tap repaired.

The most unusual find this year was the remains of either a plastic dog kennel or compost bin. It was hard to tell.

Several trees that had died had to be left for the shire staff to cut down. Thanks to the outdoor staff for being so quick to get this done.

Overall the Park now looks quite tidy, just in time for the grey nomad season.