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Miss Barretts cafe is a coffee shop with real espresso coffee, voted “best coffee for at least 100 kms”.Miss Barretts Coffee Shop

Coffee shop, Cakes, Scones. Second-hand items, Books: New, Used and Exchanged. Local History, town maps.
Free Wi-Fi with coffee, available to bona fide visitors. Air-conditioned.


Lulla Vincent, a niece of the Miss Barretts, unveiled the sign for Miss Barretts Bits and Bobs shop in Wilcannia on Friday (13th May, 2011).

The renovated building is called “Miss Barretts” after the Barrett sisters who lived there for most of their lives and who, for many years, ran a haberdashery shop from the front room.

The new look “Miss Barretts includes a coffee shop, a book exchange, secondhand things, a bit of local history and tourist information. Included in the history display are some items found during renovations including old hair curling tongs that had to be heated over the fire, old “Barrier Miner” newspapers and some old bakery items that were found when the Arts and Crafts (Rasheeds) building was cleaned out.

It is believed to be over 20 years since a shop has opened in Wilcannia and hopefully this will be the first of a few more businesses.

Some of the art and craft on sale at Miss Barretts:

Colin Clark's Clap-Sticks

Latest news:

We've a great new menu -- details soon.

In the meamtime, just pop in and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and watch some water flow under the bridge (if you'll excuse the pun).

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Dutch couple Boke and Ida (see photo) called in and after ordering long black coffees, remarked that it was "good coffee".

I've received similar comments from other European visitors, all remarking on the high quality of the coffee served at Miss Barretts.


After travelling across the dusty outback for most of the day, Miss Barretts was a homely, welcoming and friendly place. The service is unparalleled - when we asked for road conditions to Tilpa, the proprietor happily phoned the pub and service stations in the area so we could have the latest updates on the road....plus the coffee is delicious.

Highly recommended!