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Wilcannia River Radio103.1FM

39 Reid Street
Wilcannia NSW 2836

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Broadcast: 7am-7pm Mon - Frid
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Wilcannia River Radio Station 103.1FMWilcannia River Radio announcer Julie
Stop in and Stay Awhile

One of the must-see attractions in Wilcannia is the Wilcannia River Radio Station. Located in Reid Street, the Station is considered the “heart of the community”. Broadcasters love interviewing travellers and are proud to show them around their Station.

Jade Shillingsworth interviewing Captain Rex of the Dromadary Paddle Boat when it stopped off at Wilcannia.

All DJs who work at 103.1FM are Indigenous locals who operate under the guidance of Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise Corporation Ltd.

The Station logo translates to ‘community of all ages’. The river is represented by the different coloured dots flowing out of the C’s which signify the Elders, Community and Youth, each replicated by the size of the dots.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE (Feb. 2013): Wilcannia News has returned to production with a new funding structure, and with many of the previous members of the editorial committee.

For some background details regarding the old (defunct) structure see "Wilcannia News Ceases".

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