August 2017

No rain, roads good ...

Good morning all,

Thought I’d wait till this morning in case there was rain to report! As far away as ever. Did you know the worst day of any drought is the day before it rains!

Big weekends at Wentworth and White Cliffs, hope all went well both ends, I’m sure it would have.

I notice too, Police in Ivanhoe are saying “enough is enough”, seat belts, mobile phones, helmets, unregistered, etc. “compliance before heartache”, good on you fellas. Speaking of Ivanhoe, if you’re nearby next Thursday, drop in to the RSL Club about 7-30 PM and be in the Super Raffle night. Lots of fun and a beer or 3.

We start with the big Menindee Fishing Comp. Next weekend. 2 full days of fun and prizes and things to do. A few days relaxing and then toodle off to Broken Hill and be part of the “Broken Heel Festival”, it’s happening on the 8-9-10th. Big weekend too. Plus everything else you can do and see in The Hill. Ask Patrick and the gang at the Visitors Centre, then head out to Peter and Patsy at the Silverton Pub, you’ll be hanging around for a week.

During that week, duck down to Menindee again on the Thursday the 14th. only an hours trip. They have “Menindee on Show” that day, you’ll enjoy it. Then relax in Menindee for a couple of days and be part of the big Menindee Rugby League Knock Out Carnival on the 16th. There’ll be some good football.

Knit and Yarn at the Red Earth Cafe, Kilfera Field Day and more

Good morning all,

No guarantees about the weather this week, apart from the fact it’s as cold as charity, there seems to be a bit of moisture poking about. Let’s wait and see.

Whatever happens, there’s a bitumen road to White Cliffs  for the big goings on next weekend. The Gem Fest and Car Boot sale is happening and that’s not all. There’s the Knit and Yarn at the Red Earth Cafe, a great meal at the store and a cold beer at the Pub, just to mention a few. And of course hospitality plus.

On next weekend as well, if you are too far from White Cliffs, then there’s a heap on in the Scone, Muswellbrook, Merriwa district with Paddock to Pantry Markets featuring at Scone on the 26th.

Breaking into September, try and make Menindee on the 2nd. and 3rd. Big Father’s Day Fishing Comp there, which includes big heaps of activities, all weekend. Ring  Margot on 80914392, and she will look after you. Also at Menindee is a big Rugby League Knockout Comp in the near future. Big day of good football for all the family. Will give you the date next week.

You have to stay in the area then as the next weekend is magic in Broken Hill. The Broken Heel Festival, takes in the 8/9/10th. A lot of people are working hard to make it a great long weekend for you. Of course by the time you see all the highlights of Broken Hill and a few beers and a meal at Silverton with Peter and Patsy, you’ll wonder where the week went!

White Cliffs Gem Fest and Car Boot Sale soon

Good morning all,

Just had a great trip through to Forbes and back, oh what memories! Would you believe it’s as dry as a chip all the way. No wet roads this week me thinks. Heaps of satisfied travellers on their way home from the Louth Races. I’m sure the Ivanhoe Quick Shear was just as successful.

A lot going on down in Wagga Wagga  during August they tell me, check with the Information Centre there.

Highway to Hell Challenge, Cobar Picnic Races, and more

Good morning all,


My weather forecast hasn’t  stood the test! Hope you all got your share and you didn’t get caught out on a wet road.. I’ll reserve my forecast this week.

Attended the Landcare  Forum Friday/Saturday, what a credit it was to all concerned. 2 great days of information, catching up with old friends, well done to each and everyone of you.

Moving on, you have to be either in Ivanhoe for the “Quick Shear” or up at Louth for the races next Saturday, either way you’ll enjoy it.

It’s on again in Ivanhoe the next weekend too. The 19th. sees the “Highway to Hell Challenge” from Hay to Ivanhoe. Hay, Hell, Booligal and Ivanhoe. Join in and have some fun.

You have to duck up to Cobar then the next weekend. Cobar Picnic Races on the 26th. If you can’t, then you’ll have a ball at the White Cliffs “gem Festival and Boot Sale”. You’re sure to end up staying a few days, hospitality plus up there.

If you’re around Broken Hill then check out the Tri State Safari Tours at the moment. There’s too many to cover here so drop into their office in Argent St. and they will have something to suit you.

That goes for the Mootwingie tours too. Check them out, and enjoy.