May 2017

Nice weather, Biggest Morning Tea, and more

Good morning all,

More really nice weather, but have the real winter clothes ready from Wednesday on. Zero each morning from then on. (ice on the swag!).

I think we here in Wilcannia are first off this week with our Biggest Morning Tea at the hospital on Wednesday. So, if you’re staying at Warrawong, be sure to pop up to the hospital and help make it a success. You could poke down to Ivanhoe for the same thing, their’s is on next Saturday, try and make one of them.

Topar Campdraft, Outback Show and more

Good morning to you all,

Was talking to a lovely lady at the National Party Conference in ‘the Hill’ on Saturday, she said she reads this each week on ‘facebook’, amazing where it goes!

Great Conference too by the way, met a lot of nice people. Now apart from that, If you’re near Menindee tomorrow then drop in for their Biggest Morning Tea and support a great cause. If you’re not in a hurry then you could easily put in a few days there and go along to their Church Fete on the 27th., next Saturday.

You’ve missed out on the White Cliffs Music Festival, it’s over, and what a show. But, don’t forget the Craft days every Friday up there at the Red Earth cafe, you’ll have fun ladies.

Now word has just come in from Margaret at Bourke, the Outback Show has just started in Bourke. It’s on 6 days a week starting at 11AM each day. Call in to the Info. Centre and Margaret will fill your day for you. There’s heaps, Poetry on a plate, River cruises, Jenny’s Gallery, and big mobs more.

Our little bit of rain would not have disrupted your travels too much I guess. Not much anywhere was there. As I told you our Wilcannia Field and Fun Day is a no go on the June long week end but I’m told the Topar Campdraft is happening on the 17/18th. June, so why don’t you poke along there, bitumen road too!

Forgot to remind you all lately, we have our ‘dump site’ operating here in Wilcannia now. On the highway beside the oval, heaps of travellers stopping. And you can top up with water (filtered) down at the BP, John, Pat or Michael will look after you there. Which of course makes us an “RV Friendly town”. Scrumpous chine food, fantastic coffee shop, get your tyres mended and stay at a top line Caravan park!  We’re getting better all the time here in Wilcannia!! Oh by the way, there’s a Big Morning tea on at Dareton on the 25th. (next Thursday) if you’re passing.

White Cliffs Music Festival, Hermidale Pub and more

Good morning all,

Another week zoomed by, and really great to catch up with those girls at the Wentworth V.C. Thank you so much for your hospitality.

I’m going to really put my neck out here and say, ‘up to an inch of rain on Thursday/Friday’. (I’m still in the old scale!), so be weary of those dirt roads. Might have to eat my words too.

All roads lead to White Cliffs for their Music Festival next Friday/Saturday/Sunday. What a great weekend it will be.

You just can’t get to everything that’s happening next weekend, ‘cause the Cobar Show is all happening next Friday/Saturday, and the Nyngan Show follows immediately on the Sunday/Monday. Like I said, drop in to the Hermidale Pub on the way through. Both shows have something for everyone.

If on the other hand you enjoy scones and cream, fantastic slices and all those nice things, then the “Biggest Morning Tea”, remember them, well Wentworth is holding theirs next Thursday and Menindee is planning theirs on the 23rd. Both great places to catch up with friends you’ve never met. And by the way, there’s a massive Church Fete in Menindee on the 27th.

Remember the Mutawintji Tours I was speaking about, I’ve attached ad. to make it easier for you.

Things are still happening in Bourke too you know, they never stop in winter. River cruises, Hully and his camp oven cooking, poetry, and heaps more. Drop in and ask Margaret at the Visitors Centre.

Bourke Show, Cobar Show and more. [Wilcannia Field and Fun Day cancelled]

Good morning all,

Well my news this week is certainly regretful, however we have decided we have to cancel our Wilcannia Field and Fun Day on the long week end. The decision was not taken lightly however because of unforeseen circumstances, it had to be done. We would like to think next year will see us back on track with a new look.

To next weekend, we have the Bourke Show next Saturday. This incorporates of course River Cruises, Poetry on a Plate, and all the other activities the Bourke people lay on for you whilst up there.

It really is Show time with the Cobar Show the next week end 19/20th. Always lots of horses and exhibitors, as is the case at Nyngan, their show follows on 21/22nd. You can easily take them both in and drop in to Hermidale for lunch on your way.

Whilst the shows are happening, there’s heaps to be seen at White Cliffs, and you can’t be at both of ‘em, ‘cause the White Cliffs Music Festival is the 19/20/21st. Decisions! Always a great week end though at the Opal mining town.

Lets duck over to Broken Hill now, to the Art Gallery. Badger Bates has a collection on show there from 12th. May to the 25th. June. There’s a Tapestry exhibition on for the ladies on the 20th. And there’s Knit and Yarn at the Library each Friday, (again ladies!)

lot's happening ... White Cliffs, Warrawong, Cobar, Bourke Show and more

Hello everyone,

More happening this week than you can poke a stick at!

The week starts up at White Cliffs on Wednesday night with that famous Country and Western singer Graham Rodger. Now there's a meal available there as well I believe before hand.

If you're heading to Warrawong on the Darling, then Graham will be singing there on Friday night as well. Big night at Warrawong.

Down to the "inside country" then on Saturday the 6th. and there's the Wine and Food Affair on at Denman. Who knows you may be near.

Otherwise go along to the Pooncarie Field Day, it's on Saturday as well, and it's a great day out.

Can't make that, then stop off at the Cobar Miners Races,again on Saturday. Graham Rodger is moving into Bourke at the Diggers on the Darling on next Sunday the 7th. While you're there be sure to sample Hullie's camp oven cooking and his brilliant poetry.

Also on the 7th. is the Gol Gol Country Fair if you're in the area. Spreading out a bit now, we have Annie's Markets on in Wentworth on the 13th. bound to find a bargin there. And the Bourke Show is on that day too, 13th. With the paddle steamer doing daily cruises on the Darling.