March 2017

Coonamble Ag. Field Day, "Stone the Crows” Festival and more

Hello all,

Well March has just about gone, someone said yesterday ‘I’d just like to see a little bit of autumn’. The good side is, only ONE more week of daylight saving.

April seems to have got our event calendar moving though. Starting next weekend we have a 4 day weekend in Ivanhoe with the Crafters Group, all sorts of things happening. If that’s out of your way then you can have a big day out at the Coonamble Ag. Field Day next Saturday, something for everyone. Can’t be there either, then there’s a ladies day in “the Hill” at the city library to Knit and Yarn, that is on next Friday.

Moving on to Easter weekend: Heaps happening, Lightning Ridge Easter Festival and Race Meeting, big weekend. Also Easter in Bourke, featuring long table Dinner, Wool Bale rolling on the Saturday and the Harry Hart memorial Cup Races on the Sunday. That’s not counting all the other attractions up there. If you’re back in our neck of the woods then maybe go on down to Menindee for the Community Markets on Easter Sunday. Remember the “Stone the  Crows” Festival at Wagga, it’s on from the 11th. through to the 17th. so much happening.

Moving on to the next weekend you can visit Ivanhoe again for the Ivanhoe Campdraft, 22nd./23rd. Thanks Tammie for correcting me there, the Gymkhana/Rodeo is not till September, I was rushing it in last week! Also on the 21st./22nd. is the Annual White Cliffs Gymkhana and Rodeo. And you’ll have a great weekend up there.

That brings us on to Anzac Day of course, and no matter where you are, there will be a service in all towns out here. If you’re near Wilcannia we will certainly welcome you all to come and join us for the Dawn Service, the main 11 o’clock service, the light luncheon or all of the above.

Now while all of this is happening, the Mootwingie National Park are running Tours, Workshops Information sessions and lots more under the expert guidance of Alain, their Tourism Officer. Ring Alain on 0497002773 and he will have something for you.

It’s also getting to the time where you really need to drop in to the various Visitor Information Centres. Those people are full of ideas and advice for you, have heaps of brochures on everything, and in Wilcannia you need to stop off at Miss Barrett’s Coffee Shop for our info. And coffee too of course.

Mootwingie tours, Gymkhana, Campdraft and more

Good morning everyone,

What a fantastic weekend you’d have had in Broken Hill if you were there. Harness racing, St. Paddies races, Speedway, and then relax at Silverton all day yesterday. Is that what you did?

Anyway no doubt the city would have turned it on for you. If you’re heading down to the ‘inside country’ and like racing, the Scone Races are on tomorrow, have to hurry though.

We’ve got a bit of a break at the moment again with not a lot of activity. But don’t forget Ivanhoe is coming to life from the 31st. to the 3rd.  big weekend with Crafters doing all sorts of things with craft. Then their annual Gymkhana and Campdraft is on  later, on the 22nd. 23rd.

In between all that Mootwingie is offering all sorts of tours out on National Park, far to much to tell you it all, so please ring Alain, on 0497002773. He will walk you through it and have something to suit you.

By the same token though if you’d like to sit back and be driven, there are tours galore on the go at Tri State Tours, just pop into their Argent St. office and they’ll do the rest.

Down Wentworth way? Then work on the 25th. and have the Big Brekkie and Markets at the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens.

Menindee Lakes discount tour, Ivanhoe Crafters gathering, and more

Hello all,

Really great to have some events to point you in the right direction. It also seems the hot weather is moving on at long last.

A couple of things first. The Wilcannia community would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to John and Ann who have been running Warrawong Caravan Park for quite some time, they have been a real asset to the town and our tourist trade, all the best to you both in your next venture.

Second item, Thommo is up at the top end of Qld. (as you do) and heard a voice in the breaking day light say “How’s things in Wilcannia Thommo?”. Big ‘G’day to Dave and Fiona Evans who have made home up near Karumba, (long way up). Good to catch up.

Now, you’ll have to hurry for a discount tour of Menindee Lakes and Kinchega, it’s actually going this morning from Tri-State office in the Hill. If that’s a bit sudden for you then head out to Mootwingie and you can do a fully guided tour of the National Park on Tuesday starting at 10 AM from the camp ground. Can’t make it?  Well there’s another one same time on Thursday morning, Fazzo will look after you. That will give you time to get back to the “Hill”, get your finery out and have a ball at St. Paddies Races next Saturday, a flagship event for Broken Hill.

If you’re heading south and miss the races, you would enjoy the “Walk Wentworth Sing”, that is happening at Wentworth next Sunday at 12-30  and then there’s a concert on that evening to finish the day off. Don’t go through Wentworth though without popping in to the Visitors Centre, they’ll tell you about the fantastic River Cruises every Wednesday evening, and heaps more.

“events of the year” in Broken Hill, thanks to ABC Radio, and more

Hello all,

I’m kicking off armed with very little again I’m afraid. It’s just not the weather to have any activities at all. No immediate end in sight to the warm weather either as I see it.

That free Seniors Concert is still on tomorrow in Broken Hill at the “Musos”. Good way to fill in a few hours, probably ‘beer-o-clock’ too by the time it finishes.

Don’t forget one of the “events of the year” in Broken Hill, St. Paddies Races next Saturday week. The city really turns it on for their visitors and community that week-end.

Heard Ruth Sandow on air last week on our local ABC. Ruth is the “engine room” of tourism in the ‘Corner Country’. It’s people like Ruth that are doing heaps to promote our little towns out here in this area.

Had some positive results from our efforts to rebuild our old wharf here in Wilcannia. Hopefully when you come through our little town later in the year, we will be able to showcase it. Thanks to our Army Engineers.

Would you believe I’m clean out of ideas for you, and it’s a bit hot to be poking around I guess.