September 2013

Wilcannia River Radio news

Wilcannia river radio 103.1FM

The Central School now has its own program time slot on WRR. Teacher Frances and students Christine Hunter, Katrina Johnson and Julie Bugmy have chosen special music to accompany recent news of events and celebrations at school. In time these students will also learn how to use the outdoor recording equipment and pre-record programs.

The students’ program can be heard every Wednesday between 1.45-2.45. Tune in!  This is a great opportunity for parents and family to hear school news and to support new skill development in their children.

Talking Tucker with Maari Ma’s dietician is now a fortnightly event occurring on Tuesdays at 2.30pm. The next session will be on Tuesday 10 September with a focus on healthy summer drinks and icy poles. Elisa is replacing Cher.