July 2012

St Therese's "Heaps Decent"

Heaps Decent is an initiative committed to finding and nurturing the creativity of young people and emerging artists. By providing resources and opportunities, Heaps Decent supports the development of high quality Australian music with a unique identity. Heaps Decent visited us during the week creating positive and engaging opportunities for our students to express themselves, all the while enhancing creative and life skills such as teamwork and literacy. Heaps Decent will be back again later this term."Heaps Decfent"


On Friday, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation launch a new series of books published in Paakantji and English. The books are the first series to be published in Paakjantij language and English and are aimed at children who are just learning to read. The two new books, No Tharlta on the Bus and Lenny & the Big Red Malka are written and illustrated by Faith Baisden who worked in consultation with Murray Butcher to develop the books. Last year the launch of the first book in the series, My Mara Love to Clap occurred.

Central Darling Shire Council Election

Date & Time:
Saturday, September 8, 2012 - 9:00am to 5:00pm

Thinking of nominating as a candidate for your local Council?

If you are considering nominating you should read this notice. As a candidate you have certain obligations and responsibilities under law. Check the website www.votensw.info and efa.nsw.gov.au for further details.

How to nominate for election as a Councillor.

To nominate as a Councillor, you must lodge a nomination form and $125 nomination deposit by 12 noon Wednesday, 8th August 2012.

Where do I get a nomination form?

Nomination forms and other important nomination and electoral information are available from the Returning Officer or from the New South Wales Electoral Commission website: www.votensw.info

Candidate Information sheets: Every candidate is required to lodge a candidate information sheet with their nomination.

Grouping of candidates and group voting squares: Two or more candidates may form a group.  A group may, in certain circumstances, request a group voting square on the ballot paper.

An ancient craft still in high demand

The old Catholic presbytery on the corner of Byrnes and Hood streets is gradually taking on a new face.Simon Pandle and Jamie Davis

Heritage Stone Restoration stone masons Simon Pendle and Jamie Davis spent three days last week working on the stone repointing.

Simon, who is from Bristol and Jamie who hails from Birmingham, both in the UK, have worked on a number of stone buildings in Wilcannia. Germaine said she is really please with the high quality of the work. The work is being partly funded through Central Darling Shire Councils local heritage fund.

History of the Presbytery

At the conclusion of the 1885 Synod, the Catholic Bishops applied to Rome to form a new see in Western NSW. At the time, Wilcannia was known as the “Queen City of the West”, so the Bishops felt it was the natural town in which to base the new Diocese and that it would      eventually become a Cathedral City.

Integrated Water Cycle Management Plan

Integrated Water Cycle Management and Living with Climate Change – A Plan for the Central Darling Shire Council

Community workshops are being held to assist with the development of an integrated water cycle management strategy with due regard to the challenge of climate change to ensure water resource management in the Central Darling Shire Council is sustainable.

The project is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities under the Strengthening Basins Program.

Separate workshops will be held in White Cliffs, Wilcannia and Ivanhoe as detailed below,

White Cliffs: Tuesday  31st July 2012, 9.30am-11.30m, White Cliffs Community Hall

Wilcannia: Tuesday  31st July 2012, 2.00pm-4.00pm, Wilcannia RTC

Ivanhoe: Wednesday 1st August 2012, 10.00am-12.00am, Ivanhoe Community Hall

Big boys enjoying football

THIS SATURDAY  6.30pm 28th of July 2012                                  
18 plus: no admission for underage children.
TICKET: $25.00   BYO

Paul Browns photo taken at last  Saturday’s Parntu Warriors –v– Geebungs match

Football in Wilcannia

Candela’s photo taken at the Wings Drop In Performance Showcase don’t need words.
Wings Drop In Performance

From the Darling River Action Group Minutes -- July Meeting

The announcement (BDT 29th June) that an irrigator had been fined $370,000 for stealing water from the Lachlan River in 2008 was discussed. It is reassuring that the NSW Government has caught and fined one of the water thieves, but the process taking 4 years is a bit long. We wonder how much profit was made from the 280 megalitres that was stolen, and how often such acts took place before he was caught.

The announcement of two big water sales (BDT 19th June) to the Commonwealth was discussed. Tandou sold 14 gigalitres for more than $19 million at a profit of over $1 million. The water licences sold were not from Tandou’s Menindee farms. Tandou has evolved into a water trading company, buying and selling water rights.  The other sale was 11 Gigalitres from Select Harvest. DRAG welcomes these purchases by the Commonwealth, taking 25 Gigalitres of water licence out of irrigation and putting it back into the environment.

It is unfortunate that the purchase involved us taxpayers giving Tandou a profit of over $1 million, but that is what happens when water trading is allowed and conservative politicians put pressure on government buybacks.

Considering further study at University?

Are you a mature age Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander considering further study at University?

Are you committed to furthering your career through tertiary studies? Then the UNSW Indigenous Spring Forum could be for you.

About Nura Gili

Nura Gili is the Centre for Indigenous Programs at the University of New South Wales. The Centre is involved in supporting potential and current Indigenous students at the University, and is also involved in teaching Indigenous Studies and research in Indigenous Education.UNSW Nura Gili

About the program

The Indigenous Spring Forum is a residential program designed to provide a unique opportunity for mature age and TAFE students to find out more about studying at university, clarifying what is required to apply for and undertake studies at university, and showcasing what UNSW can offer.

Any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person who is over 18 and is intending to study at university in 2013 or 2014 is encouraged to apply.

What study areas are offered?

For 2012 the study areas include Arts, Business, Built Environment, Education, Indigenous Studies, Law, Medicine, Public Health, Science, Media, Performing Arts, Engineering and Fine Arts.