St Therese's "Heaps Decent"

Posted: Friday, July 27, 2012 - 1:51pm

Heaps Decent is an initiative committed to finding and nurturing the creativity of young people and emerging artists. By providing resources and opportunities, Heaps Decent supports the development of high quality Australian music with a unique identity. Heaps Decent visited us during the week creating positive and engaging opportunities for our students to express themselves, all the while enhancing creative and life skills such as teamwork and literacy. Heaps Decent will be back again later this term."Heaps Decfent"


On Friday, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation launch a new series of books published in Paakantji and English. The books are the first series to be published in Paakjantij language and English and are aimed at children who are just learning to read. The two new books, No Tharlta on the Bus and Lenny & the Big Red Malka are written and illustrated by Faith Baisden who worked in consultation with Murray Butcher to develop the books. Last year the launch of the first book in the series, My Mara Love to Clap occurred.

All staff and students received copies of the two new books and there are a few extra copies available from the School Office. Books can be purchased at