Louth Field Day, check unsealed roads, and more

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Monday, June 6, 2022 - 9:06pm

Good morning everyone,

Yes, I know I’m a day late! I think I was a 10 month baby, still haven’t caught up!

Anyway, things seem to have quietened down since the “Easter Rush”. We had happenings on everywhere over Easter and May, and the coming long weekend seems a bit quiet.

However if you can make your way up to Louth next weekend you won’t be disappointed. The Louth Field day is back on again and they really know how to entertain you, next Saturday is the day.

Now, as you know the continuous wet weather is playing havock with our unsealed roads. I notice the Central Darling road report tonight shows the west Wilcannia – Menindee road open, but very few other dirt roads available. Please ring the relevant Shire you are in for road conditions before you head onto a dirt road. It’s not just your safety it’s the people who have to come and retrieve you and the damage to the road that has to be repaired.

Enough of that, if you are within a stones throw of Wentworth, ask the girls at the VIC about the “Wentworth Sport Aircraft Flyin” this month, they’ll get you organised, and show you heaps of other things to see.

Then of course you’re not far from Balranald, and they have “The Biggest Morning Tea” on there on the 16th. and why not hang around a couple of days and treat yourself to a night at “The Roo Ball” on the 18th. Ask the girls at the VIC in Balranald and they will look after you. Night out, why not??

Not really a lot happening round the outback, ‘cept to say ‘rug up and keep warm’. This week has no mercy for anyone. Oh yes and the Broken Hill Markets are on next Saturday as well. If you’re nearby well worth a look.

Incidentally, if you need accommodation in the Hill, get in early, it is so terribly scarce. And on that subject, Wilcannia is going to be without our Wilcannia Motel as of this week, it is closing for renovations and I can only keep you posted of the reopening.

All the best for travelling, stay safe and I will catch up with you all in a couple of weeks. Cheers,  Bill Elliott. WCTA.


“If you’re under house arrest, and live in a mobile home, can you still go wherever you want?”