Latest road conditions, radio stations

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Monday, July 5, 2021 - 11:56am

Good morning all,

Well it’s 2 degrees and the sun’s up! What more could you wish for. Running a bit late this time, it’s definitely the grandkids fault, we’re worn out!

I’m going to start with a catch up on our roads at present. Basically, river roads north of Wilcannia are closed and those south are open. While the Cobb highway is open all the way and the Dry Lake road is still closed.

It takes very little rain these days to close a dirt road so please check with the Shire you are travelling in as a bogged car or truck on a wet road is unnecessary work for a lot of people.

As you know, everything is pretty well in lock down, masks needed in all venues, events having to be cancelled etc. Heard this morning thousands of people crossing the border to South Aust. in the past few days and on that note it seems it takes up to a week to get papers OK’d by the SA Pol. to cross. Think of the bedlum to get school kids back and forth for boarding school.

It's one of those times you are probably best to listen to our faithful radio stations for the latest on road conditions, covid cases and a bit of good music. They are of course, ABC on 1584 Wilcannia, 999 Broken Hill, and 657 Dubbo.

Outback radio Bourke on 585. Broken Hill commercial radio 2BH on 567. And River Radio Wilcannia on FM 103.1.

As always, drop in and spend a some time in all our little towns, and big ones, have a coffee find a gift, buy a doover berry to remind you of your stay, we all look forward to seeing you good people, and above all don’t forget to wear the mask!

Till next week, when we may be less restrained, take care and enjoy yourselves. Cheers, Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


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