Lots of visitors to our little town, radio stations to listen to

Hello all,

Hope you are all resilient enough to cope with me again for another season.

Funny thing, I’ve seen more travellers through our little town this summer than ever before. Seems the dormant period is starting to close in.

Now I don’t have heaps of activities to report to you as I have to do my homework! So please feel free to rattle the keyboard and let me know what’s doing in your neck of the woods.

I do know Peter and Patsy have a Country and Western weekend coming up this month, and my apologies to you both for your email dropping off. Had a great hour or so out at Silverton recently, if you make Broken Hill, then Silverton is a must!

I would also ask you all please to send any of your brochures through to us here in Wilcannia so we can spread the word for you all.

Those of you who are travelling, don’t feel neglected, we have the best radio stations to keep you up to date with everything. ABC Broken Hill 999, Wilcannia repeater 1584,ABC Western Plains Dubbo 687,. Outback Radio Bourke 585. And if you have any queries, you will find help on our website, wilcanniatourism.com.au  Always only too happy to help.

Drive carefully, and please be aware of ‘roos at night, better still, don’t drive at night!

Cheers for now,  Bill Elliott.  Wilcannia Community Tourism Assoc.


“If you want something you’ve never had, then you have to do something you’ve never done.”