Louth Races, White Cliffs Gem Festival, and more

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Monday, August 5, 2019 - 7:51am

Good morning all,

The ‘outback’ seems to have come to life in August, just one event after another. 

You can saddle up for the Annual Louth Races next Saturday, and be sure to arrive a day or two early they ramp up well before up there.

If you’d prefer the smell of engines over horses, then head down the Wentworth road from Broken Hill and you’ll have a ball at LANGWELL Stn. south of Broken Hill. where they’re holding the “Yamaha Cross Country Championships”. This is a really big event if you’re into bike racing.

The next weekend, the 17th./18th. is the big Gem Festival in White Cliffs, full weekend of fun. Camping and accommodation for miles.

I told you August was full, ‘cause the next weekend is the Wentworth Show. 24/25th. Now if you haven’t been to a Wentworth show then you’re missing out.

You know those few little knick-knacks you’re missing in the van? Well, if you’re within coo-ee of Wilcannia on the 24th., duck down the Menindee road about 7 k. and you’ll find an Auction sale at Moorabin and I guarantee you’ll find something to take your fancy. Stop by at the Wilcannia Motel too and grab a book or two or exchange from De at her pop up book exchange.

Got to let you all know too, that the Lacey family up near Packsaddle are doing the very same thing, they have a book exchange out the “middle of nowhere” at Peak Hill Station. Stop in and have a look it’s a credit to them.

Looks like a ‘fine and sunny’ week ahead, and not much change after that either. So have a good one, and try doing something for the first time, who knows!

All the best for a great week, cheers Bill Elliott, Wilcannia Tourism Association.


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