Have a great Christmas, and thanks

Good morning everyone,

I looked back through my ‘Green book’ and realised I’ve been chasing events in the west now for a decade, where has the time gone. Remember “Hullies Poetery on a Plate”, the “Coona Camp Oven Cook up” and many more.

Well with 2023 drawing to a close, it’s probably time to give you a spell from my ramblings and hang up ‘the keys’.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 10 years and really appreciate the many friends I have made and the enormous contribution and support you all have afforded me over that time. The phone calls, the emails and the humour I have received from far and wide has been an absolute gift.

Maybe our Shire will follow the example of the other Shires and contribute and highlight our towns to the many travellers who will be coming through next year.

To you all, have a great Christmas and my big thanks for all the help you all gave me.

With kind regards,

Bill Elliott.  Wilcannia Tourism Association.


“Don’t worry about anything that is more than a day’s donkey ride away.”