Good unsealed roads, coffee shop open again ...

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Monday, May 31, 2021 - 8:09am

Good morning all,

Seems we can't take anything for granted these days. No more Victorians for at least a week, and who knows where the end of all this will be.

We must sympathize with those travellers who were passing through regional Victoria at the time.

Having said that, all our rural and unsealed roads are ready for you all, no wet weather, and river roads opening up again, so don't forget our Farm stays. Not only those on the Darling river run but all the others scattered hell west and crooked. Up White Cliffs way, up the Silver City Highway, and why not poke on up to Tibooburra, you’ll love the country and the people.

Now, forgot to let you know last week. If you are heading anywhere near Pooncarie next weekend, that's the place to be. At this stage the Gymkhana is a goer, but the ‘Bikekhana’ part of it could be tricky as Mildura play a part in that, (covid you see). But according to Josh at the pub all is a goer for next weekend.

Talking to a wonderful group of travellers at ‘Warrawong on the Darling’ last night around the camp fire, top spot, great people, all going their different ways. And speaking of Wilcannia, we have our old coffee shop, (the old Miss Barrett’s) open once again. It’s now ‘Cooee for coffee’ but Alana and Rosie will look after you there, like old times. Also don’t forget, if you are a book lover, drop into the Wilcannia Motel because De. has a ‘pop up’ book library there, grab a book, swap a book, or leave one you are finished with.

As I mentioned last week, the Hay Merino Sheep Show is coming up on the 19th. June. While you’re in Hay there’s a heap to see there, the Big Shearing shed, the Visitor Centre and a top little town.

Moving on into the future of course we have the Ivanhoe Tractor and Truck Show on the October long weekend and there will be heaps more in between, you see.

A big thank you to those who sent us brochures, really great of you all. We can showcase you all.

I think that’s about it for now, drive safely and look out for your mates, have a top week, till then, cheers,  Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


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