Bishop Columba, Carols in the park

Good morning everyone,

Well, here I am, my apologies for an unavoidable absence. Hope you will bear with me.

I really am ‘behind the 8 ball’ at the moment, so really hope the “Miners weekend” in Cobar went well, as with the Tilpa Gymkhana, I’m sure they would have.

A few things local, for you till I get my bearings back.

We have a ceremony here at the Wilcannia Cemetery next Thursday evening at 6 PM where our Bishop Columba will consecrate a section of the Wilcannia cemetery where new born unbaptised babies had to be buried. These babies as far as possible will be identified and acknowledged, and their burial place will at last be part of our cemetery. A plaque will be unveiled by an old Wilcannia identity, John Leggett. All are most welcome.

Then on the 14th. of November, at Mount Manara Stn. on the Ivanhoe road, a celebration will signify the opening of the Cobb Highway, a project that has been ongoing since ‘god had the measles’, but has actually happened. This now gives a sealed road for tourists and in particular stock movement to market, from Whit Cliffs to Melbourne, thanks to the dogged determination of a few dedicated persons, and makes NSW the only state that can boast having all their highways sealed.

The 3rd. event we have for you is our “Carols in the Park” which is happening here in Baker Park on the bank of our Darling river on Friday the 1st. December at 7 PM. A great evening with everything provided.

Can I ask you all, if you have an event coming up before Christmas, please let me send word around for you, I’m back on heck and willing to help.

Thanks for your patience and will be great to hear from you all.

Cheers once again, Bill Elliott. WCTA.


“Experience can only can only be acquired  from poor judgement and mistakes.”