Acc. nearly all booked, "PB Mundoo" cruise and more

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Monday, May 3, 2021 - 9:06am

Good morning all,

It is just so great to go down the main street any time of day and speak to the travellers passing through. Almost without exception they are from the other side of “stony hill”. They are all so appreciative to have a yarn and accepting of any advice and direction we can offer.

Everything seems to be close to booked out at the moment and we hope you enjoy your stay in our little town as with all our other towns in our newly discovered outback.

Now, what’s going on in our neck of the woods, well you can head for Cobar next week end, they have the Cobar Show back again on next Friday and Saturday. With a race meeting on the Saturday as well.

But then if you are close to Broken Hill then you have the Community Markets there on next Saturday and Live Music Month already started, through to the 16th. with various artists playing in venues throughout the Silver City. Just go and check with the ‘gang’ at the information centre and they will have you ‘on the dot’ with everything.

Now the next weekend, the 16th. if you can make it to Brewarrina you will be looked after and catch up with the “Brewarrina Cod Cup”. Starts at 12 noon and racing all afternoon.

I’m not sure how you can make it down to Wentworth by the 17th. (the airstrip is open down there by the way!) Anyway the Paddle steamer “PB Mundoo” is doing a 6 hr. cruise along the mighty Murray river with heaps included, but I suspect it would be an idea to book. Ring the lovely ladies at the Wentworth Visitors Centre, they’ll have you organised in no time.

Now let’s duck back up to Broken Hill. If you can make it by the 22nd. You can enjoy the “International Comedy Festival” at the Civic centre, that’s the Saturday night, top place the Civic Centre these days.

As is always the case, you are going to find friends you haven’t met yet at all our little towns, stop and say G’day, and we’ll help you.

Just at the moment the “Darling River run seems to be very popular. Dry weather, good dirt roads each side, heaps of Farm Stays waiting for you. Why not give it a crack?

Andrew on our local ABC Broken Hill, (you should listen to him!!) well he seems to think there’s going to be a scud or two of rain on Tuesday, so let’s just see how good he is and if by chance he’s right just be careful and check for closed roads.

On a more serious note, the Victory Park caravan Park here in Wilcannia is getting close to getting it’s “toes wet”, so please check with our Central Darling Shire as to when it may be being closed, or if it is to be.

OK friends, have a wow of a week and we’ll see what happens. Till next time, cheers, Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


“100 years ago everyone owned a horse and only the rich owned a car. Now everyone owns a car and only the rich own horses.”