Broken Hill Community Markets, Drought Support Road Bus, and much more

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Sunday, March 3, 2019 - 9:54pm

Hello to you all,

Welcome back to a very uncertain year. Who would have thought when I last emailed you, we would still be without rain.

Never the less, I hope you all have a very successful tourism season, and that I can help you all in a very small way.

Let’s do a long range plan, and I will fill in the blanks as we paddle our way through.

First cab off the rank is Broken Hill. Their Community markets are on next Saturday, but don’t stop at that, duck on out to Silverton or Mt. Gipps and quench the thirst in style.

Then on the 12th. we have a “Drought Support Road Bus here in Wilcannia, to give support, advice and actual help  to landholders seeking advice and guidance on financial matters.

The 18th. sees the White Cliffs Underground Motel reopen for business. And of course we all have to gather on the 23rd. to cast our meaningful VOTE. (and back to the TV!)

Now also on the 23rd. (after you’ve voted of course), there’s a Food and Wine Festival on in Wagga, and an Aero Club Spectacular on at Deniliquin. How good would that be.

If  you head over to the Hill, you’ll have the opportunity to see “Abba” at the civic centre on the 30th. (as good as the air show, but can’t be at both!)

The 30th  March is also a big day/night in White Cliffs. It’s called “One Day Closer” to say g’day to “cockies and their friends”, you’ll be welcome.

Into April now, the Cobar Rodeo is the place to be on the 13th. Don’t forget Anzac Day on the 25th. Every town will welcome you, and then head back to White Cliffs for their annual Gymkhana and Rodeo on the 27th. We can only hope for rain beforehand.

Moving on to May and White Cliffs is leading again with their “Music Festival” from the 17th. to 19th. hope you can support them.

And if you like their music festival, then you’ll love the entertainment in Menindee on the 25/26th. “Dancing on the Darling” it’s called. Lots of great singers and artists.

A couple to put in your diary as well. Pig Hunt in Ivanhoe on the long week end in June, and Lee Kernighan coming to Broken Hill on the 22nd. September, book early or you’ll miss out.

Remember what I used to say, stop in each of our towns, say g’day to a local, stay a night if you can, we’ll welcome you. We’ll make a yarn sound good too!

A little bit of trivia: Wilcannia and white Cliffs have had about 3 and a half inches of rain, give or take a few points in the last 12 months. He’s testing us this time!

Look forward to helping all of you throughout the season, and you all take care on the roads. 

Cheers for now,  Bill Elliott. Wilcannia Community Tourism Association.


“I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening, but I’m afraid this wasn’t it.”