Remembrance Day, Rock Fest and more

Good morning all,

Activities seem to be winding down in our outback centres and of course it’s that time of the year. The old fella with the red coat will be around before we know it.

I guess the next bit of excitement is that horse race they organise down in Melbourne. I think you could call in at any of our little outback towns on the 6th. and you will be welcome to join in the afternoon’s festivities and have a wager on the Cup.

Then the same applies to Remembrance Day. Stop in to whichever town you’re near and you will be most welcome.

Apart from that you can enjoy the “Rock Fest” at Memorial Oval in Broken Hill on the 17th. and the Broken Hill Christmas Pageant coming up on the 1st. December.

I’m finding it a bit tricky to come up with happenings for you being interstate at the present, so forgive me if I take a break from my little ditties till I’m back in a ‘familiar chair’ and get a handle on happenings. So till then, have a great few weeks, enjoy your travelling, and you know the ‘drill’, always say g’day to a stranger, he’s only a friend you haven’t met yet.

All the best,  Bill Elliott.  Wilcannia community Tourism Association.


“Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming at a restaurant.”