Plenty accommodation available, Milparinka Gymkhana

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Monday, June 28, 2021 - 6:55am

Good morning all,

Well things really are a bit up in the air at the moment. Was talking to one tourist group this morning (Sunday), and in the last 24 hours they had received cancellations amounting to $45,000-, this equated to a drop of about 50% on bookings.

Who knows where it will all finish and who will be affected.

My only advice for what it is worth, is please stay wholly within the guidelines set down by each state, travel where you are permitted to travel and continue to support the towns out here in our outback area.

As far as attractions and events happening, we can only hope that events such as the happenings at the Broken Hill Civic centre will go ahead. The Art Festival planned for White Cliffs in August will go ahead.

On a closer note, we have the Milparinka Gymkhana set down for next Saturday, it has been postponed but they are having a meeting this week and hope to come up with a date.

I also heard second hand today that the line at the check point at Oodlawirra going into SA was 3 km long. Don’t quote me on that!

With all that in mind and the fact that accommodation bookings out in this part are down by 45%, you will certainly be able to get accommodation and campsites as long as you are not in that Sydney coastal bubble. Which goes to show where the greater majority of our tourists are coming from.

Anyway, school holidays are on us so feel free to toodle out to our great outback as there seems to be ample space for you and we’d be happy to catch up.

I hope I can bring better news of adventure next week, till then, cheers and happy holidays, Bill Elliott.  Wilcannia Community Tourism Association.


“Camping is natures way of promoting the Motel business.”

“No senior citizen discounts, you’ve had twice as long to get the money.”