So many caravans

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Thursday, April 28, 2022 - 9:13am

Good morning everyone,

Have you ever seen so many caravans??  What a fantastic effort for the organisers of the "Mundi Mundi Bash" and what a boost to not only the Broken Hill businesses but all towns along the many ways.

The last 2 weeks have seen so many events take place in our vast outback area and without exception, there has been nothing but great reports on them all, a credit to all the volunteers involved. The weather held out, fortunately for all, which culminated in the many Anzac Day ceremonies held throughout the region and well attended. 

A big thank you to the many travellers who stopped over here in Wilcannia for the both services, it was great to have you all.

The current rain band is greatly appreciated by the whole back country and will do the world of good, but please DO NOT venture on a dirt road for any reason at all. Apart from tearing the road up, someone will inevitably have to come and rescue you.

Now a few attractions for you all to consider in the next few weeks, we have the 'Pooncarie Gun Club' holding a 2 day event there next Friday and Saturday 29/30th. (Roads permitting.).

Then soon after that Broken Hill is having the International Comedy Festival Road Show at the Civic Centre on the 5th. May. I think you have to book for this, so catch up with the fabulous team at the Broken Hill Visitors Centre.  After that duck up to White Cliffs for their 'Arts and Crafts Festival', that's running from the 13th. through to the 22nd. If you get finished early there, grab a coffee in Wilcannia on your way to Cobar for their annual Cobar Show, 20th. and 21st. Don't unpack too much and you can make Nyngan for their Show on the following days of the 22/23rd.

See, it's all still happening. If you had to rush away from Cobar, then take a leisurely drive back and attend the Cobar Races the following week end on the 28th.


I better not give you any more happenings incase you get confused, so have a think, plan your travel route, and above all have a great week or two. Don't drive through a town, stop and say g'day, meet a new friend. And above all drive safely. There are going to be creeks running even on the bitumen roads with this rain, so please DO NOT drive into water, it won't take long to go away.


Catch up with you all  again in a couple of weeks, ring me if I can be of help in any way. Till we meet again,  all the best, Bill Elliott.  Wilcannia Tourism Association.


"When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane!".