Check roads, Wilcannia land auction

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Monday, October 26, 2020 - 6:29am

Good morning all,

Certainly can’t pick this weather can we! Was speaking to Joan this morning, she and her husband spent the night in the middle of the road between here and Tilpa. They ran into a storm on black ground and elected to stay put rather than ending up with a caravan in the table drain. A very wise and practical decision.

Also had an enquiry about sturt desert pea, but unfortunately nobody has sighted any at this stage. If you are up in the Peery Lake area I believe the wild flowers are fantastic up there.

Now I know I’m like a cracked record with nothing much to report, and you would already know the Melbourne Storms are as far in front in the grand final as you can see a white cow in a bog! What a farewell for Cameron though.

Back to the drawing board, you can make your way to Wentworth for a big day at the Military Museum on the 11th. November, plenty of time to get there. Then the 14th. is the Community Markets in Broken Hill. Then the next week, the 21st. is the Garage Sale right across Australia that I’ve been telling you about. Doesn’t matter where you are you can be part of it.

Then again, if you want to step outside the square, Central Darling Shire, starting tomorrow morning in Wilcannia, are offering 85 blocks for sale by auction situated within the 4 towns of the Shire. Wilcannia Monday and Tuesday, Ivanhoe Thursday and Menindee Friday. Opportunity? You know that saying, you’ll never find new land unless you are prepared to loose sight of the shore for a time.

Still heaps of contented travellers passing through and stopping of for a yarn, great to see. And amazing how many have a connection with our little town and other towns I’m sure.  Sue’s great grandfather was a policeman here at the turn of the century!

Please let us look after you all in your travels out here, listen to our outback radio stations for information, check on our dirt roads for any closures, one day our towns will be full of events for you and we’d love to see you back. Talk to you next week, till then, cheerio, Bill Elliott.   WCTA.


“When you make a commitment you build hope, when keep it you build trust.”