Jenny’s Gallery, Out of the ordinary Outback, and more

Hello all,

A big thanks to Fiona for so capably filling in for me last week. Thanks Fe. And we still don’t have a lot happening yet. As Fiona said last week, the big event is “Woodstock in White Cliffs” next Saturday, all for a very worthy cause if you can make it. Now just in case you’re down Wentworth way, you can enjoy a “Family Night on the Darling”, also next Saturday at Wentworth. And you will enjoy it as they put on great shows down there.

Then again, if you’re up Bourke way, drop in to Jenny’s Gallery, or the Information Centre and you’ll be welcome and given heaps of things to go and see.

Broken Hill by any chance? Then go and see Jenene at “out of the ordinary Outback” in Argent St. They have heaps of places to go, tours they will take you on and look after you.

I’m going to try and do a sort of calendar of events for the year next week, so we may be able to avoid clashing with each other, can happen! For example, The Bi annual Agfair Field Days are on in Broken Hill on the 4th and 5th. May. The Louth Field Day is on Saturday 9th. June and our big Field and Fun Day here in Wilcannia is the next day, Sunday 10th. June. (Long Weekend.)

Would be really great if you could let’s know what events you have coming up, no matter how far down the track. You’ve heard the old saying, “prior preparation and planning prevents-----------“.

If you are going through Wilcannia, please stop in for a break, coffee is ready, flat tyre no problem either, we can fix it!

Catch you all next week with a bit more news, or see you at White Cliffs on Saturday.


Cheers, Bill Elliott.   WCTA.


“It’s not what you gather through life, but what you scatter, that tells what sort of a life you have lived.”