Buronga Seniors Day, White Cliffs Underground Art Festival ...

Hello all,

A chilly 1 degree, the sun has risen again, and I’m sure the birds are chirping. You wouldn’t be dead for quids.

A bit to interest all you travellers this week. If you’re within cooee of Buronga, down Mildura way, they have a Seniors Day on there tomorrow, even I would fit that. 

Then next Sunday, a few happenings, the Bourke Fishing Club are gathering at the Port of Bourke Hotel to start the day off. I guess if it’s pouring rain you could stay at the pub for the day.

If you are out Broken Hill way, a lovely lady tells me that Adam Brandt is performing at the Muso’s on Saturday night, that will be a good night out.

Back across to White Cliffs, A big weekend there from the 6th. to 8th. July, not far off with their annual Underground Art Festival. And the regular Craft and chatter is on each Friday at the Corner Store. Pub is right opposite gentlemen! 

Over Nyngan way, and the Duck Creek Picnic Races are set down for the next weekend, Saturday 7th.

We then spread out to the Louth Races on the 11th. August and the Enngonia Annual Races on the 1st. September.

So much for me again, the only other activity I guess is to sit with a coffee and count the road trains of hay going down the highway and keep dodging the dead ‘roos on the road! 

Take care now and drive carefully. Cheers  Bill Elliott. Wilcannia Community Tourism Association.


“Life doesn’t get easier and more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”