Ivanhoe football, Tilpa Gymkhana, and more

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Monday, June 24, 2019 - 9:30am

Good morning all,

We’re all over the back country this week, with events happening somewhere that you may be.

Just down the Cobb highway at Ivanhoe, you’ll find a massive day of football if you are at all sporty. 6 teams playing next Saturday in Ivanhoe, and no doubt you will find a night’s sleep at the Pub or with Wendy. The RSL will welcome you too I’m sure.

Milparinka is then turning it on with their Annual Gymkhana on the 11th. July, always a great weekend. And then you’re getting up towards the “500 miles of Music” country.

All the big singers are starting from Quorn on the 7th. July, moving on to the Blinman Hotel on the 8th, William Creek on the 10/11th. And finishing with the “Big Red Bash” at Birdsville on the 16 to 18th.

If you’re within cooee of any of those venues, there’ll be a heap of music.

You’ll have to hurry your way back down after that to catch up with a great day at Tilpa on the 20th. They’re having their Gymkhana that day, again, all welcome.

However, an easy trip next day from Tilpa to Broken Hill, and you can enjoy “A Taste of Ireland” at the Civic Centre at 7-30 on Sunday the 21st.

Certainly can’t fit all that in so pick your trip, drop in to the towns, spend a dollar, have a yarn, meet a new friend, and so the world goes on.

Call in to the Visitor Centres and ask about Farm Stays in the area, away from the beaten track and superb hospitality. There’s still a few around and will welcome you.

I’ll round up some more for you next week while you enjoy yourselves. All the best for now, cheers, Bill Elliott. WCTA.


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