Milparinka Gymkhana, Musical Extravaganza, and more

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Monday, June 21, 2021 - 8:28am

Good morning all,

Thank goodness for modern communications, we’re “on the wallaby”, so this may be a bit brief. Speaking of that, I wonder how many of you on the road listen to Macca each Sunday morning. I enjoy being taken all over the continent virtually, you feel as if you are part of one big family.

Had a quick trip to Deni. during the week and unfortunately  missed seeing you Jane, but the 2 lovely ladies there were great. And my apologies for trying to put the “Deni Ute muster” on last weekend too, don’t know where I got that from. We’ll try again later in the year!!

It seems the next big day to try and catch up with will be the Milparinka Gymkhana, they have free camping for you up there and a heap of activities on the go. Try and make it if you can, top people up that way.

Another show that’s coming up, no dust here, you have to dress up really is the big Musical Extravaganza at the Civic Centre in Broken Hill. Now that’s happening on the 25th. July, and I think you will need to book ‘cause it will be very popular. Get in touch with Patrick and his team at the Visitors Centre in the Hill and they will guide you right.

Moving out along the calendar is the  White Cliffs Underground Art Festival from the 13th. to the 22nd. August and then equally important is the Ivanhoe Truck and Tractor weekend on the 2nd. and 3rd. of October.

Forgive me for my brevity this week please, out of my comfort zone! But look, the best thing you can do is have a yarn to someone you have never met, it’s fun you know and you will realise just how small the world is.

Take care now and be wary of rain on unsealed roads. Ring if I can help you, cheers,  Bill Elliott. WCTA.


“Where would men be in this world today if it weren’t for women? In the garden of Eden eating watermelons and taking it easy!”