Road closures, green paddocks

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Monday, November 2, 2020 - 8:32am

Good morning to you all,

Well we really do have to watch the “Road Closure” notices in the various Shires don’t we. Rain for miles this past week and hasn’t it brought the country side away.

More feed than you can poke a stick at across our vast back country. Perhaps that’s a venture for all you great people from the other side of the “stony Hill”. If you are taken by our vast open spaces of lush green feed, you could become a stock owner. There’s thousands of acres of agistment available out here. Ever thought of being a sheep or cattle owner??

When is the last time you did something for the first time?

Anyway, enough of my getting carried away. The big celebration this week is the famous ‘Melbourne Cup on tomorrow Tuesday. Now try to make it to a town, any town. We will all welcome you to join us and try to pick the winner and have a laugh. The Wilcannia Golf Club certainly welcomes you to come along and join in the fun. This offer I can assure you comes from us all out here, whichever town.

Speaking of our towns, I’m sure Wilcannia, Ivanhoe and Menindee are the only towns in the state with signs saying Don’t Stop. I sincerely hope they will disappear this week. You are all most welcome.

Remember last week we were saying about the upcoming events. Military Museum at Wentworth on the 11th. Community Markets in Broken Hill on the 14th. and the Garage Sale Trail across Australia on the 21st. Not sure how that garage sale works, I better do some research for you.

Ever thought of pulling off the road into a parking bay, grab a “lemonade” out of the esky, sit back in a comfie chair and just look out over rolling green paddocks and listen to our fabulous radio stations. No matter where you are you will find one to tune in to. We have to offer, ABC radio on 999, Broken Hill and through 1584 in Wilcannia Then there’s Outback radio 2WEB Bourke on 585. Getting down towards the ‘inside country you’ll get ABC Dubbo on 657. Anywhere out in this neck of the woods you can relax with radio 2BH Broken Hill on 567. Get down round the Wentworth area and all you need is the fabulous 3MA Mildura.

Hope you pick a winner on Tuesday, have a flutter for the hell of it. And PLEASE don’t take any risks on wet roads. Had a lovely couple here for morning tea this morning, Susannah’s grandfather, Val Smith,  was part of Knox and Down’s here donkeys years ago. Small world. Have fun now, till next time, Bill Elliott.   WCTA.


“ Ordered a roll of bubble wrap today on E-Bay, wonder how they’ll pack it?”