Mundi Mundi Bash 2022, lower travelling numbers

Good morning all,

No email when you logged on this morning I know, bit of a wonky evening but here we are.

Do you think this week may be the decider of which way we go? I certainly don’t envy ‘aunty Glad’ her job, as one high profile physician said yesterday, ‘there’s no rule book we’re writing it as we go’.

I think the best help we can all give those steering the boat is to adhere to their rules, do as we’re told and hope that the people in the lock down areas stay put for the duration.

Back here on our home front, it’s getting tricky to keep up with what events are being cancelled.

As you all know the Mundi Mundi Bash as been moved out to 2022, the Broken Heel Festival has been relocated to September, (to be confirmed). Milparinka Gymkhana to September 11th. still on, (thanks Sarah). The Wentworth Pre Show set for the 15th. has been cancelled. The big Ivanhoe Truck and Tractor Show has unfortunately also been taken off the list. Don’t buy a new hat for the Louth Races, if you have put it in the cupboard till next year.

It is with a degree of sadness that I bring all these cancellations to you, and there are obviously many more that I have not caught up with.

Obviously travelling numbers have significantly dropped off out here in our area and will remain so till they get “delta” yarded and a good lock on the gate.

Please be mindful of the simple procedures when you stop by and visit our little towns, and we will try and help you with what there is to see. Each of our towns have something we can offer.

Again, tune in to our radio stations, ABC and commercial, and our FM stations, not just for road reports but the daily changing rules on movement and border closures.

Not much help to you all today, but make sure you enjoy tomorrow! It’s the first day of the rest of your life!!  OK you’ve heard it before---.

Till next week, who knows?   Cheers, Bill Elliott. Wilcannia Community Tourism Association.


Recent sign: “Sorry no senior citizen discounts. You have had twice as long as us to make some money”.