Woodstock in White Cliffs, Silverton Country Music,

Hello all,

Just an abridged version of This 'n' That this week as our President is away attending to some business.

It’s all happening at Silverton this week. A Country Music weekend, Friday night and Sunday. Buy 1 ticket to cover both days and have a ball.

Fundraiser, “Woodstock in White Cliffs” at the sports ground on the 3rd March for a good cause.

Easter Festivities everywhere, it’s early this year remember. And first cab off the rank is Bourke, Easter Festival and Races on the Sunday, more on that later.

Don't forget, please send any of your brochures through to us here in Wilcannia so we can spread the word for you all.

Those of you who are travelling, don’t feel neglected, we have the best radio stations to keep you up to date with everything. ABC Broken Hill 999, Wilcannia repeater 1584, ABC Western Plains Dubbo 687,. Outback Radio Bourke 585. And if you have any queries, you will find help on our website, wilcanniatourism.com.au Always only too happy to help.

Hopefully some rain by the weekend if predictions are fulfilled, meanwhile, stop and have a yarn to a stranger, only a friend you haven’t met yet. Drive carefully and stop in at all our little towns, we’d love to see you.

Life is short, smile while you still have teeth :-D

Kind regards,

Fiona Peterson-Williams
Secretary Wilcannia Community Tourism Association