Rod's River Walk completed, Badger Bates art

Good morning all,

You know that chap I was telling you about walking from Bourke to Wilcannia? Well I missed him too! Rod Thompson was in our little town last Monday and was welcomed and looked after by Julie at Miss Barrett’s. Mind you I think they grew up together at Bourke. Anyway, Rod did the 330km in 13 days to highlight the plight of our river. Well done Rod.

Also heard that the big Pig Comp held in Ivanhoe the other week was a real success, they raised $7000- overall, what a great effort. Nearly half has gone to the Black Dog appeal and the rest to local charities, well done all concerned.

If you happen to be in Broken Hill, among all the many things to do is a visit to the Broken Hill Art gallery and see the exhibition by Badger Bates. Really good exhibition they tell me, centred on the Darling river. Don’t forget to pop out to the RFDS base too. See “School of the Air” in action and clout out on a Broken Hill Souvenir. Duck out to Silverton too, great place to have a leisurely lunch.

As you can probably gather, I’m grappling to find things for you to do this time of the year, so the best move is to pull in to each town and Farm Stay you come across, have a yarn to the locals, keep out of the wind and find a nice cup of tea or coffee. I guarantee every one of our little towns will welcome you.

A bit of really good news too, the long awaited sealing of our Cobb highway from here to Ivanhoe is going to be a reality now, money allocated, as well as the Silver City highway, well done John.

Take care on the roads won’t you, and we’ll see what comes to light next week, till then, bye for now,  Bill Elliott. WCTA.


“DO NOT TOUCH. Must be one of the scariest things to read in Braille!”