Xmas in July Races, Louth Races and more

Good morning all,

What a let down, travelled 1000 km. for a flight in a “Tiger Moth” (anyone remember them?), and the coastal wind beat us, wind sock horizontal! Just whinging.

Anyway, a bit of a short list tonight as I’m out and about.

We have the Xmas in July Races in Bourke coming up on the 23rd. (next Saturday). Then there’s the Lightening Ridge Opal Festival 27 to 30th. and the World of Musicals in the Hill on the 29th. One or the other!.

August brings you the legionary Louth Races on the 6th. and heaps going on in the week leading up to them.

White Cliffs is the place to be the next weekend the 13th. for the “Camel Cup”. If you can’t be there then tackle the Broken Hill Markets on the 13th.

Move on to the Mundi Mundi Bash out at Silverton on the 18/19/20th. August, really big turn out. And we finish the month off with the Wentworth Show on the 28/29th, And so ends August plus the happenings I’ve missed!

Just a reminder, the Wilcannia Motel is closed for repairs till further notice, but we still have the Liberty Motel behind the Servo and Warrawong on the Darling for accommodation and the Victory Caravan Park has water through it at the moment so also closed. A high river has a few roads closed, including each side from Wilcannia to Tilpa so please check on road conditions and take heed to closure signs.

Will be back at base in a fortnight so will catch up with you all then.

Happy travelling, Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


“If you hit the target every time, it’s either to close or too big.”