Check roads, many visitors, Bourke mural, and more ...

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Monday, May 17, 2021 - 7:32am

Good morning all,

Definitely time to light the fire now. Hope you all are having a great time wandering our vast outback. Caravans and camper trailers everywhere and van parks full, and heaps of people stopped in the street to have a yarn to. What else could you wish for.

Was talking to great friend in Bourke today and just thought I’d bring you all up to date with happenings up there.

A new attraction in Bourke is the magnificent mural on the water tower. Painted by Lightning Ridge artist, John Murray and Bourke artist, Brian Smith, the artwork depicts the inspirational story of Percy Hobson, the first aboriginal to win a gold medal for Australia, in the 1962 Empire games.

Back O Bourke Gallery has resumed their Bourke Scenic Flights.  The district is looking amazing from the air at the moment and tourists are thrilled and thankful for the opportunity to see the vast plains, the Darling River and Gundabooka mountain from an aerial perspective. To book and see more details

Now also happening quite soon is the Acre 21 Festival down at Balranald. It’s a music festival at the “Yanga woolshed” and it’s underway next Friday evening. If you are within cooee why not have a look.

The other thing you have to keep in mind for a while is these river roads along the Darling. Here at Wilcannia the Darling  has just about peaked. Not in Victory Park Caravan park yet so it’s still open and I’m sure will be now. But some roads are cut, such as Wilcannia to Tilpa on the eastern side. This puts Wilga campground out for a while.

So please check with the road reports from Central Darling Shire before you venture into the unknown!

Grab a biro and mark on that calendar you have there, the Mundi Mundi Bash is going to be huge and is happening near Broken Hill on the 19-21st. August. Already booked out but there’s going to be one hell of a lot to see and do in the Hill around that time.

Also happening at much the same time, 13-23rd. is the famous White Cliffs Underground Art Festival. They are up and running again out there and welcome everyone.

A couple of things on our own little town, our caravan dump point opposite the oval and if you need potable water for your van top up, duck down to the BP depot and there’s a tap and hose there for you free.

I was a bit premature with the opening of our coffee shop too. (the old Miss Barrett’s) but it won’t be long now and it will be up and running.

Don’t forget, turn off that music in the car now and then and tune into our fabulous radio stations for the latest local news and weather, road conditions and of course really good music. As I’ve said before: ABC, Broken Hill 999, in Wilcannia. 1584. 2BH Broken Hill, 567. Bourke Outback Radio, 585. ABC Central west 549, and Wilcannia River Radio FM 101.3

So, not much more I can tell you so go into our website, and call if I can help.

Have a great week, and say g’day to my friend, cheers,  Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


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