Uncertain weather ahead, job vacancy

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Monday, August 17, 2020 - 6:13am

Good morning once again to you all,

My weather forecast for the week in a nut shell is ‘predictably unpredictable’.

Have received quite a few phone calls from people who are intending to explore our great outback and really good to be able to put them on the right track. Unfortunately the odd call asking if they are allowed to stop in Wilcannia.

You are probably sick of me outlining all the places of interest we have for you out in the area, so I’ll be brief today.

Now we have just received word that if the planets all line up, we will have a regular tourist coach coming out from Sydney to take in Cobar, Wilcannia, White Cliffs, Broken Hill, and I’m trying to include Menindee in the plan. This hopefully will be an on going idea and will show case our area first hand to many of the coastal people who seem to have realised there’s a lot of their own country they haven’t seen yet. How good is that!

Which doesn’t mean of course that our caravaners and car travellers aren’t just as important. So please drop in, plenty of parking in the main Street to garb yourself a coffee and a town brochure. Have a little tour round and say hi.

More research reeded on my part to gather some events me thinks. Let’s know if you have anything happening or if I can pop some brochures in the mail for you.

Oh and by the way, if you know of a young person (or older if you like) who would like a job behind the bar in a top town! Accommodation supplied! Call me!!

Again, till we speak again, you take care and have a fantastic week. Cheers, Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


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