Biggest Morning Teas, Campdraft/Gymkhana and more

Good morning everyone,

It’s really happening everywhere next weekend, and I have attached some flyers for you to print off if you wish. I have included the Bourke Media release by Ross Earl, Bourke Shire as an example of initiative to showcase Tourism in their Shire. Great idea. Also a list of exhibitors coming to our Wilcannia Field Day on the 10th. next month and any others wanting to showcase their products are more than welcome.

Now, we have the Topar Campdraft/Gymkhana on next Saturday and Sunday. You can go out to the White Cliffs Music Festival next Friday through to Monday, 4 day event. And there’s an enormous Tea Party taking place on the “PS Ruby” down at Wentworth on next Saturday and Sunday. You will have to call on the girls at the Visitors Info. Centre in Wentworth and they will give you the full itinerary.

Closer in at Menindee, is “beef and Guinness shepherd’s pie on the menu at Maiden’s Hotel on Thursday night and the “Biggest Morning Teas” are starting again with Menindee on the 22nd. and one in Broken Hill on the 23rd. And if you would enjoy a bit of fun then the “Penrose Park Picnic Train” is operating on the 20th. next Sunday.

That should get you through for a week or 2 and of course not much problem with roads closed. So have a great week, I don’t think I’ve seen so many caravans pulled up each day in our Main Street, thanks so much for stopping in our little town and enjoying our 2 caravan parks with a courtesy bus both ways to our Golf Club and Richard’s Chinese menu. And of course, best coffee within cooee! And don’t forget we are “RV Friendly” now and so have a Dump Point for caravans on the highway opposite the oval.

Take care on the road, see you at Warrawong Wednesday night, till then cheers,  Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


“Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough”.