We're back, latest news Ivanhoe, White Cliffs and more

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Monday, March 14, 2022 - 6:50am

Good morning Everyone,


It’s a pleasure to be back with you all again, although my information is very limited.

A big thank you to those who helped me out with activities this morning, and please feel free to send me anything I can put out there for you.

I think our little township of Ivanhoe is first cab off the rank. They have Sara Storer, live at the Ivanhoe oval, a free night, and she is backed up by Greg Storer. Bring your own nibbles and drinks, (and chair!), and have a ball. That’s happening on the 25th. March, not far away. If you enjoy the night, you can toodle on down to Pooncarie and enjoy their night there on the 27th. And all free.

Next on the trail is the “Topar Camp Draft” on the 9th. and 10th. April. They put on a top show there, you’ll enjoy it.

Now over Easter, it’s happening everywhere.

Bourke has it’s Easter Festival, including Jenny’s Exhibition at the ‘Back O Bourke’ Gallery, “When the Darling Flows.”

Packsaddle Gymkhana over Easter also.

White Cliffs Rodeo and Gymkhana, 23rd. 24th. April, then Anzac day 25th.

Nestled in among all that is the “Mundi Mundi Bash” 21st. to 23rd. April.

Sneak peek at May: White Cliffs “Art and Craft Festival” 13th. to 22nd. Cobar Show 20th. 21st. And, wait for it! “Agfair” in Broken Hill 27th. 28th. (Bring your Van.)

Hope the above is of some use to you all. Meanwhile, here in our little town we can now boast a mechanic. Kyle has a workshop up the top end of Woore St. here in Wilcannia, and we have our Coffee Shop, Excellent IGA, Golf Club with our Chinese Restaurant to name but a few.

Safe travels, and we’ll catch up again in 2 weeks.  Cheers, Bill Elliott. Wilcannia Community Tourism Association.


“No matter how great your triumphs or how tragic your defeats, remember that approximately one billion Chinese people couldn’t care less”.