Ivanhoe Rodeo and Gymkhana, Wentworth Show and more ...

Good morning all,

Big thank you to Fiona for so capably filling in for me last week. “On the wallaby” once again, had to go a long way to find a bit of green feed though.

A very limited programme for you all this week, and great excitement in our little town at the moment, our “wonderful women’s team” and the Boomerangs both won their Rugby League Grand Finals in the Hill yesterday. A fantastic effort for both teams to wind up a great season. 

Next weekend is the Ivanhoe Rodeo and Gymkhana, if you can make it you’ll enjoy it for sure.

Following weekend, the 25/26th. is the Wentworth Show, known far and wide, so try and make it there. Head back up the river then to Menindee for the big Father’s day Fishing Challenge, a 2 Day fun for all weekend. Of course that’s the 1/2nd. September.

You only have to head off along the bitumen then to Broken Hill to become engrossed in the Broken Heel Festival the following Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Very big weekend in the Silver City.

You can book in to the girls at the “Broken Hill Tourist Park” and easily put in a week and still not see everything. Duck out to Peter and Patsy at Silverton too. And a visit to the RFDS Base is another must see.

While all this is going on, don’t forget to venture off the beaten track and stay at some of our fabulous Farm Stays too. Drop in to the Visitors Info Centre in the Hill and they will give you a list as will any of our little towns in this great outback.

So much for my ramblings for now, please be aware of windswept roads, and animals roaming. Till next week, 

Cheers Bill Elliott. Wilcannia Tourism.


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