Traveller numbers down ...

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Monday, July 12, 2021 - 9:56am

Good morning everyone,

I was stuck for words last week and now have no idea how to guide you.

I purposely waited till this morning to hear what ‘aunty Glad’ had to say. Wouldn’t like her job at the moment, it seems our state hinges on the fact that NOBODY comes toodling round our vast outback area from a hot spot in the coastal area.

Although traveller numbers have dropped off significantly this last week or so, we just have to wait and see what the next few days brings I feel.

In fact this next week could decide the fate of all the functions that are planned in our area.

I can only advise anybody who is still poking round looking for somewhere to go, please have respect for all the towns you pass through and adhere to the basic, simple restrictions that we have in place.

Register in at any business you enter, don’t wander off into someone’s paddock and set up camp without asking. And basically, lead your own quiet life wherever you are.

Keep tuned to the radio stations and lets sit this week out as I feel it will be the tipping point and we need it to go the right way!

I will certainly do an update during the week if it will be of any help.  Cheers for now, Bill Elliott . WCTA.


“Men always wondered why women rushed to get their bra off when they got home, now we realise when we rip our mask of when we get in the car.”