Ray Martin back in Wilcannia again

Posted: Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 10:02am

Well known Wilcannia visitor over the years, Ray Martin, returned on Friday wearing his Humpty Dumpty Foundation hat.Ray Martin in Wilcannia

Ray, CEO of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation Paul Francis and cameraman Les Seymore were in the region to deliver nearly $70,000 worth of medical equipment for use in children’s and babies medical facilities.

Wilcannia received a Mobile Infant Warmer, valued at $7,600 for use in the Emergency Department. White Cliffs, Ivanhoe, Wentworth, Balranald and Tibooburra also received a unit. The units were purchased by long time Humpty Dumpty supporters John and Cath Murray.

The infant warmers are used to keep babies warn while they are undergoing emergency treatment including resuscitation.

During their few hours in Wilcannia they were given a tour of the localhealth facility by Wilcannia Health Service Manager Glenys Thorpe. Paul and Ray were very taken with the Ruby Davis photo hanging in the hospital waiting room. They were especially intrigued to hear the story of how the photo in the dry river bed came about and that less than 12 hours later the river was half way up the banks as the first flood water arrived.

Their arrival in White Cliffs was slightly delayed due to getting bogged on a sightseeing excursion to the river. A member of the hospital staff was called on to bring his own vehicle down to get them out.

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation receives the majority of its funding from Corporate donations and has distributed over $35 million dollars worth of equipment since starting up 20 years ago. The foundation differs from many other charities in the way they allocate funds. Donors can literally looked through a catalogue that lists hospitals and the equipment they require. Items range from a Niki Syringe Driver at $2,340 each, through to a long range fuel tank for the Childcare Helicopter to a NETS (Newborn and Paediatric Emergency Transport Vehicle) at $164,000. This last item has already been purchased by private donors.

Hospitals and Health Services decide which equipment is needed, it is not the Foundations role to do this.