Notes from the Wilcannia and White Cliffs Works Committee Meeting

Posted: Friday, June 29, 2012 - 11:04am


1 resident attended the Wilcannia Works Committee meeting held on the 12th June. The following points  were raised. The Wilcannia Cemetery boundary extensions are to be completed in the next financial year and have been included in the budget. TheManager of Environmental Services has spoken to Summit regarding work at the cemetery. Summit now need to hold talks with the Cemetery Committee.White Cliffs Works Committee

Open bins will be replaced with new wheelie bins and stands in parks and tourist areas. Baker Park and Ray Hunter Park will have steel bins that are non-inflammable due to past incidents.

A funding proposal has been submitted through the Remote Services Delivery for $80,000 for new playground equipment in Baker Park. Council have been asked to contribute $25,000 towards the project.

Mission Footpath. The upgrading of the footpath has commenced and needs to be completed by the end of June. (photo right).

The Storm Water outlet next to the old Wilcannia Bridge is 90% completed.


4 residents attended the White Cliffs Works Committee meeting on the 12th June. Earth movement has caused the structure between the building and the awning at the swimming pool to dislodge. This will require structural repairs. Once the chemical shed has been relocated the eyewash station will be relocated and connected.

The steps at the Community Hall are causing concern and whether they comply with Australian Standards has been raised. The state of the step railings was also mentioned.

The Traffic committee has raised safety issues with the intersection and in particular roadtrain turning circles. Engineering has been asked to survey the intersection and overlay CAD software to design improvements that can then be lodged with the RTA for funding under the road and pedestrian safety program.