From Monday's Community Forum

Posted: Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 10:26am

Yesterdays Community Forum (Monday 16th, July) outlined a number of programs and initiatives currently happening or in the pipeline at the Central School. One of the big changes this term will be the introduction of Student Passports.

Each term, each student will commence with $W100 (Wilcannia dollars) in their account. This $W100  balance must be maintained and must not be spent until the last week of term.

Should this $W100 decrease due to poor behaviour reports it must be  restored and built upon before any purchase may be made. At the end of the term all savings in the balance will be transferred to the following terms passbook. Dollar values will be awarded as follows:
Excellent    = $W5
Satisfactory  = $W2
Poor = -$W5

Behaviour Key


  • On time for class
  • Completes class work with diligence
  • Follows teacher’s instructions at all times


  • If late to class beings a class note
  • Attempts all class work with diligence
  • Follows teachers instructions at all times


  • Continually late to class
  • Disobeying teacher’s instruction
  • Behaviour is recorded on “Millennium”
  • Student is required to attend planning room

In assessing behaviour there are three key areas, everything that happens in a school can be linkd to at least one of these:

Respect for yourself or others
Safety looking after yourself, other students and school property
Learning be the best you can be, achieve your dreams.

The school will be using a software system known as “Millenium”, which enables the school to track students teachers and behaviours. The system allows senior staff to draw out patterns of behaviour on an individual student or class basis, to track when and what triggers certain behaviour patterns and also if certain staff are targeted by certain behaviours.

So far this year 11 students have been suspended, 2 have been suspended twice. 13 students were suspended for the whole of 2011.

In a very positive note there are now 9 students taking part in the School Based Traineeship Program, all are working with local business’s or Government agencies.