Driver reviver -- also a place to catch up with old mates

Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 2:46pm

Wilcannia Driver Reviver ran throughout the Easter weekend.Bob Peterson and Dennis Bulldog Williams at Driver Reviver

The word appears to have travelled that the roads out here are not cut by floodwaters and the amount of traffic on the road was considerable.

Early indications are that more people used the service this year than in 2011.

Local Bob Peterson came down for an espresso coffee and met up with former local Dennis “Bulldog” Williams who was visiting town.

The van was manned by volunteers, from the Tourist Association SES and Rural Fire Service. It was noted this year that there were a lot less negative comments about Wilcannia.

Funds are raised by asking for a gold coin donation for espresso coffee. Instant coffee, tea and biscuits are free and provided by Bushel's and Arnott’s. The funds raised are split between the SES, the Rural Fire Service and the Wilcannia Tourist Association.

The Driver Reviver program also receives a great deal of assistance from the RTA as part of it’s Road Safety program.

The next Driver Reviver operation will be the June Long Weekend—new volunteers are always welcome.