Cobb Highway good condition

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Monday, August 24, 2020 - 7:26am

Good morning all,

And we thought it couldn’t get any colder! Perhaps travelling in a nice warm car is the best way to handle things.

Have done a quick trip myself this week, and there is certainly still quite a few travellers on the road. Road trains of hay have given way to caravans and 4WD travellers.

Since there are really no actual events on in any of the towns, it’s a case of find the attractions that each town has to offer, and there is always something. I can’t go through the highlights of each of them, but can guarantee you, if you stop off and have a yarn to any local, they will come up with a host of things you can do and see to fill in the day.

They tell me the Cobb highway is in really good condition at the moment and the bitumen is stretching further and further. Soon will be a completed task.

Well done also to the Sunset Strip Progress Association, they have secured a grant in excess of $300,000- to better their little community, well done Barry and team.

Also heard today there’s a bit of a rise in our river, maybe that means a fish or two that can be caught. Not that I know a thing about fishing.

Again, if I can be of any help to any of you, please give me a ring, have had more and more calls lately and it’s great to be able to be of assistance, and you are all more than welcome in all our towns out here.

If any of the VIS’s have an event big or small that I can publicise for you, please let me know and we’ll all share it.

Other wise it’s ‘poke along quietly’ till we come out of all this. Take care, Bill Elliott. WCTA.


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