March 2012

Veteran Car Rally in Wilcannia 30th March

A Model Fords, and their owners, spent last Sunday night (18th March) in Wilcannia, and had a tour around on Monday morning.Veteran car and motorcycle rally

Elaine and Andrew Lever spent 30 years on “Marrapina” Station, north of Broken Hill. Their restored 1928 Ford Roadster, was down to the chaise when they were on “Marrapina” and their 2 sons put an old car seat on it and used it for a bit of fun. Since retiring to the Clare Valley Andrew has spent 2 years fully restoring the car.

Anne and Murray I’Anson have restored their 1928 Phaeton, it taking them about 2 years. Both couples are on their way to the Modal A rally in Queensland.

Central Darling Shire added to Natural Disaster list

The Minister for Police and Emergency Services Michael Gallagher has added Central Darling Shire Council (CDSC) to the State list of local government areas affected by natural disasters.

There are now 53 shires declared.

This means the Shire can access assistance schemes to repair infrastructure, particularly roads, that have been damaged either by flood or the exceptional rain experienced in recent months.

The Natural Disaster recovery schemes are also supported by the Commonwealth Government.

Antique and rare books

Miss Barretts Coffee shop has a "antique and rare books" section -- the latest of which is detailed below:

  1. "Lord of Zaracus" by Anne Muther
    Mills and Boon, Hardcover edition.
    FIrst published 1970. SBN 263 51399 8

    Made and printed in Great Britain by Richard Clay (The Chaucer Press) Ltd, Bungay, Suffolk.

    Condition and history:
    Ex BrokenAntique book at Miss Barretts Hill Municapl Library
    Has Library stamps on front face plate, Title page and last page facing rear cover.

Broken Hill Bus Service


Departs from: 33 Reid Street (next door to the Athenaeum)


5 days a week service to Broken Hill and return (excluding public holidays). Modern Comfortable Coach leaving each morning at 8 AM. Bookings on 08 873311 or 0417417954.

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Flood affected graziers asked to report losses

The NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson has urged graziers to report any water damage and stock losses to the Department of Primary Industries. Ms. Hodgkinson said the information will be vital for the Department to plan and provide both long term and short term help to affected properties.

Due to the slow movement of the flood waters and the recent extraordinary rain falls in the Wilcannia and Ivanhoe areas, movement around properties may be affected for many weeks.

This may mean a longer than normal period where emergency responses such as fodder drops and aerial surveillance will be required. It has been reported that 30,000 sheep have been stranded in the Ivanhoe area alone.

Essential Energy Flood Safety Tips

Essential Energy would like to advise customers of some basic flood safety tips to help you stay safe around electricity during the expected severe flooding in your area.

It is important to remember that flood waters can damage electrical installations. Any deposited mud and debris are able to conduct electricity, making the installation unsafe during and after the flood. The waters can also lead to corrosion of electrical connections and significantly increase the risk of the connection failing or causing a fire.

An installation that has been inundated with flood water requires careful inspection and possible repair before supply can be restored.

How should I prepare for a flood?

Severe penalties for unauthorised levy banks

NSW Water Commissioner David Harris has warned landholders that they face severe penalties for the construction of unauthorised banks and levies. Mr. Harris said while he understands the landholders need to protect crops, property and stock the construction of such levies may impact on neighbouring properties and those downstream by redirecting flood waters.

Mr. Harris said that the approval of levies and banks requires hydraulic assessment and this is not a process that can be done overnight, particularly on the western NSW floodplains.

Penalties for offences associated with these type of works range from $1.1 million and $132,00 for each day the offence continues to $247,500 and $66,000 for individuals.