St. Pat’s races, Easter weekend, White Cliffs Gymkhana and more

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Monday, March 8, 2021 - 6:26am

 Good morning all,

What a season we have in front of us. Events that we looked forward to are all happening again, venues nearly all open again and new friends to meet.

I’m going to have to call on you all to let me know what’s happening in your neck of the woods. It’s really good to be back yarning on to you again and hopefully being of assistance in guiding you all throughout our fantastic outback.

3 main events on the horizon at the moment, is St. Pat’s races in Broken Hill next Saturday. Catch there is you have to book your ticket PRIOR. Andrew assures me you won’t get in if you don’t. Give it a crack ah? On line maybe. Number 2 is the Easter weekend up at the Packsaddle community. They have a Gymkhana and a host of other things happening over Easter. In fact you could spend days up there with the Roadhouse crew and enjoy it all.

Next is the big weekend up at White Cliffs on Anzac weekend, gymkhana and camp draft and 50 other things happening at White Cliffs over the Saturday and Anzac day. And of course they stop proceedings and hold their Anzac march and service. Then in the middle of that there’s a full weekend at the Solar Power Station for you to see. Why not duck out to “Glen Hope” farm stay for the night and let Rick entertain you, out on a property, only a few k’s out, totally relaxing.

Now speaking of Anzac services, as you’d well imagine you are all very welcome to join any of our towns for our Anzac service. Here in Wilcannia we will have a dawn service, a breakfast and then the 11 0’clock main service followed by a cuppa and a bite to eat. So please join in wherever you find yourself. Also, if you are of Irish decent or enjoy a good night of music then come along to the Broken Hill Civic centre for an Irish Night on the 28th. (may have to book there too.)

You know, it would be silly of me to miss the opportunity to wrap up our little town here. We’d love to see you stop off for a few days. 2 Caravan parks, Warrawong on the Darling and Victory Park, heaps of self contained units and camp sites. 2 Motels, Liberty and the Wilcannia Motel, and it’s pet friendly too. And what’s more De. has a pop up book shop there for you to exchange, drop, pick up, whatever. We have a great Golf club and Chinese restaurant, and a bus to take you home! A Coffee trailer to sit back and enjoy a yarn. And guess what? Miss Barrett’s is about to open again with Lana at the helm.  History for miles, interesting buildings and actually, a very interesting cemetery that dates back to the 1860’s. Check out Wilcannia Tourism website for more details. Enough on us, but stop and say hi.

I know for a fact that everything is kicking off again at Bourke from Easter on and it’s started already in Deniliquin, Jane assures me there’s something happening each weekend down in that country.

I’m not going into too much detail as yet ‘cause you’re probably still getting the van ready much less hooked up. So details to come, and the old story. Check on roads at all times. Hey the Cobb highway is looking good, only about 40 k’s to go for an unbroken black strip!

Really good to be back with you all, let’s make a great year of it.  Cheers, Bill Elliott.  Wilcannia Community Tourism Association.

“Kites fly much higher against the wind than with it.”