Tractor and Truck Show, beware of mud ...

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Monday, June 7, 2021 - 6:37am

Good morning everyone,

As Macca would say, we’re ‘on the wallaby’ at the moment, so will be very brief. Didn’t think I would ever see this. 2 caravans, with a room each, with a lead from the room to the van (to keep the fridge going), in Cobar Saturday night because there was literally no powered sites available in the town!! Anyway, a bit unusual I thought, and literally millions of them on the road.

Very briefly, you remember the Sheep Show I mentioned in Hay, well that’s on Saturday week the 19th.  And I was telling you about the “Tractor and Truck Show” at Ivanhoe remember, well there’s a great similar day coming up in Trangie, they’ve called it “Trangie Truck Tractor”. It’s on the 21st. August and if you happen to be passing through, drop in and patronise them for the day.

Pulled a very late model Landcruiser wagon and very nice caravan out of a bog in black mud the other day, the mud interfered with the transmission sensors, couldn’t get it out of low 2nd. result, a carry ride to Broken Hill.

Beware of mud in a late model Landcruiser I guess.

Should be back at my home base next week, sorry about the brevity, have a great week and enjoy our great outback.  Cheers, Bill Elliott.  WCTA.


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