River looking great, The Edge Fest, Farm Stays and more

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Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 8:52am

Good morning everyone,

Well people are certainly starting to move into our vast and interesting ‘outback country’.  What a busy winter we are going to have out here, entertaining all you good people coming our way.

The river is looking really good at the moment, and of course will be rising we hope, for some time to come. No immediate rain in sight so unsealed roads should be no problem. Of course this means you can do as many others are doing, the ‘Darling River Run’.

Suggest you start at Brewarrina, as they are having “The Edge Fest” there on the 9th. to 11th. so  you’d better get crackin’, and then you can toodle down either side of our great Darling river taking in Bourke, always something going on there. Louth, a beer at Shindy’s Inn. Stop in at Trilby Farmstay and say hi to Liz. Kim will welcome you at “Dunlop Farmstay”. Down to “Kallara”, even an overnighter there,  have a beer or three at the Tilpa pub, and then head down to us here at Wilcannia. By the way, there’s a great campsite right on the Darling at Wilga National Park, on the east side.

Wilcannia can offer you 2 Motels, De. is pet friendly at the Wilcannia Motel. And we have 2 great Caravan Parks. Heaps to see and a Golf Club and Chinese Restaurant.  By then “The old Miss Barrett’s” will be open for coffee etc. again.

This is where you have to veer off the Darling for a day and duck up to White Cliffs, an easy hour trip on the ‘black stuff’. Have a tour of their little town with Rod Dyson who is excellent as a guide.

Next stop on your Darling river escapade after Wilcannia is Greg and Lily at “Neila Gaari” Farmstay, half way between here and Menindee on the west side this time. Why not pull in for the night and you’ll be ready to take in all at Menindee next day, again a lot to see there.

Once past Menindee you still have 2 more chances to stop and relax at “Bindara” Stn.Farmstay, again on our mighty Darling and the great little town of Pooncarie. On down to Wentworth and those girls at the Visitors Centre in Wentworth will look after you like royalty.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s heaps on in other towns as well. Deniliquin has a great band of workers down there and they seem to have something on every weekend. Just go and see Jane Frazer at the Deni VC and your half way there.

As I’ve said before, Anzac Day coming up, and while you are welcome at any of our town Anzac ceremonies, the place to be that weekend is White Cliffs. They have a 2 day event, Gymkhana and Rodeo, and great hospitality. Make sure you visit the Solar Power Station too. We were up there on Saturday, it’s fascinating.

Of course things are ramping up in our other towns as well. Spend a week in Broken Hill and not see the same thing twice. The country side is a picture at the moment so don’t be in a hurry, stop and enjoy nature. ‘When’s the last time you did something for the first time’!

Anyway, have fun wherever you venture, have a yarn to a stranger and see how small the world is.

Talk to you all in a couple of weeks, feel free to ring for a yarn. Till then, cheers,  Bill Elliott. Wilcannia Community Tourism Association.


“When one door closes, ------sometimes you should get a hammer and nails to make sure the darn thing stays SHUT.”