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Monday, May 4, 2020 - 6:19am

Good morning all,

After highlighting a couple of Wilcannia’s young fellows who did well, I thought I’d give you a spell from Wilcannia. I’m going to stick to our Tourism theme and give accolades to one of our businesses who are striving to showcase their products to everyone.

Since the dreaded virus struck, a couple in Bourke decided to step outside the square and give it “a crack”.

Jenny and Steve up at the “Back O Bourke Gallery,” have thought outside the square and gone on line with an excellent video and presentation of their Art Gallery and have received an outstanding response from hell west and crooked!

I spoke to Jenny who explained how they got the idea going and connected with heaps of people from all over.

Back O’ Bourke Gallery has been presenting their new exhibition “Seasons Come and Seasons Go”, ON LINE! They had a very successful launch on Easter Saturday and promoted it as an event that people could still attend.

Folks joined in with wine and cheese, beer and nibbles in hand and enjoyed the 40 minute presentation from the comfort of their own home.

Jenny received an overwhelming response from people.

“My Back O’ Bourke Gallery facebook page was bombarded with photos of people watching it”, she said. “It was fun”.  

The exhibition can still be viewed on line on their website,

I hope you all find time to take a look, you may even see one of Jenny’s paintings that takes your fancy. And of course if this little venture sparks an idea for anyone then don’t be afraid to ‘give it a crack’, remember nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us all Jenny and Steve. If anyone would like me to highlight any innovative ideas you may have come up with I would love to pass them on for you. Remember that old saying, “you will never find new land unless you are prepared to lose sight of the shore for a period.”

I’ve had it said to me, “when this restriction is over there will be such an influx of visitors we will be battling to handle them”. What better way than to welcome them and make them feel important.

Hope you are getting all those little jobs done and keeping well. Till next week, take care.  Bill Elliott.  Wilcannia Tourism Association.


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