Tibooburra's Butchering and Golf Day, Louth's The big Race, and more

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Monday, July 29, 2019 - 7:06am

Good morning all,

Here we go again, and would you believe a very slight chance of rain along the way.

Ever wondered how they come up with all those cuts of beef? All nicely placed on a styrene tray! If you play golf, ever wondered why you are still too close to the ball after you’ve hit it!??

The answers to all of the above is revealed up at Tibooburra next Saturday. If you can possibly make it up there, you’ll have a ball, (or a steak!). Learn how to cut up a beast or how to hold a golf club.

Great day out, and be sure to have a beer with Fen.

If it’s too far a hike for you, then head for the Nyngan Ag. Expo, bet you’ll find someone you know. Heaps of people there you’ll find and  it’s next Saturday too.

From Nyngan, after the AG. Expo, you head to Cobar, have a yarn to the great staff at the Cobar Museum, and then just head straight to Louth. The big Race meeting of the outback is on there the next Saturday the 10th. Go to the pub and tell Cathy I sent you. That should be worth a free beer!!!

Don’t forget our little township here at Wilcannia is still looking for a couple to open a “Coffee Shop” for us. Talk about caffeine withdrawal symptoms! We’re in a bad way!!

So anyway, we will still welcome you all, 2 great Van parks, Caravan dump site, Pop-up book shop to have a  browse, and don’t forget 24 hr. Fuel now at BP, as well as at Topar.

Will let you know when the footie grand finals are coming up, in the meantime just be sure to enjoy yourselves. Listen to our outback radio stations for all the local news, and I’ll keep a few weeks ahead again next week, what do you think? Cheers for now, Bill Elliott, WCTA.


“To me, ‘drink responsibly’ means DON’T spill it!”.